Grounded in faith.
Working for justice.

Working for peace and justice in our fractured world can be a hard and lonely road.

But as we come together in unity, across congregations and organizations, the way opens up. As we support each other and seek answers together, we find understanding and courage, by the grace of God.

The Church Council of Greater Seattle strengthens the Christian community on this path… by seeking common ground, fostering interdependence and giving voice to the way of Jesus in the public square.


The Migrants’ Way of the Cross

Around March 25th, a caravan of about 1,175 people seeking asylum headed north towards Mexico and the United States, guided by the humanitarian aid organization, Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Most of the people in this caravan are Hondurans fleeing political violence,...

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Statement: Employee Hours Tax

The following statement was made by our Executive Director, Michael Ramos, at the Press Conference on Employee Hours Tax on May 2, 2018. The Church Council of Greater Seattle, along with faith allies such as Catholic Community Services, strongly support the Employee...

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Where do you see love?

“This moment is an opportunity to act on faith, to work toward the thing that’s hoped for, and create something we long to see: an answer to this crisis, and a resounding answer to the question that is the center of this: Who do we love?”   Erica West, Justice...

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