“This moment is an opportunity to act on faith, to work toward the thing that’s hoped for, and create something we long to see: an answer to this crisis, and a resounding answer to the question that is the center of this:

Who do we love?”


Erica West, Justice Leadership Program Organizing Intern
Quoted here at a hearing in Magnolia for the redevelopment of Fort Lawton as affordable housing

The moment is upon us to Give BIG!

We see the love in you; let it shine with an online gift to The Church Council of Greater Seattle any time between now and the end of the day on May 9. During this season of giving, your dollars can shine twice as bright for justice: a coalition of loving friends of The Church Council has leaned in with a matching gift of $5,000!

We see your love in all the ways you are transforming your community to uplift the lives and voices of those around you most in need. Because of your continued support, organizers like Erica are out in our communities every day listening, learning, and leaning in with grassroots leaders and neighbors across King and South Snohomish Counties.

We hear the echoes in every valley and stream, down every pathway and street – thank you for amplifying your love so that it may resound beyond the reaches of hate and indifference, calling in every soul in need of refuge and every neighbor in need of a friend.

Thank you for all the ways you are living this work. We are truly blessed!

P.S. Are you a member of BECU? YOU CAN HELP US win a $1,000 grant! Just select BECU under the “I am an employee or member of an organization that matches gifts” drop down field when making your gift during Give BIG, and your gift will increase our chances of receiving one of 5 $1,000 grants BECU plans to give to non-profits randomly selected from those entered.

Photo: Ion Gardescu

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