by Kimberly Dominguez-Barranco
Throughout these past four years our communities have experienced xenophobia, racism, and cruel and inhumane anti-immigrant policies by the federal government. We the people have listened, spoken, and taken action. Enough was enough. 

In the first 100 days, the Biden-Harris Administration has promised to reverse many of the Trump Administration’s policies on immigration including the separation of parents from their children at the border, ending the Migrant Protection Protocols program, rescinding travel and visa bans, restoring asylum protections,
increasing federal oversight of ICE and CBP (due to the need to hold officials “accountable for inhumane treatment”), and reversing changes to the Public Charge Rule. 
We are eager to see these promises fulfilled, and we know that it will take years to undo all the damage caused by the Trump administration and the insidious racism in this country that made his term possible.

While we are relieved by this presidential result we are also disappointed at the injustices communities of color continue to experience through white supremacist institutions and ideas that predominate in the United States. In our relief, let us not forget the fear that many were experiencing throughout this election: the fear that, based on their nationality and color of skin, we would be targeted in one shape or form. 
Experts say this fear that has been instilled is likely to linger. The U.S. immigration system must ensure freedom and dignity to all immigrants. We demand a future that dismantles institutional racism, structural oppression, ends for-profit civil immigration detention, and abolishes threats to our immigrant communities.
As we prepare for a new administration, we hope you’ll stand with us in continuing to accompany our immigrant and refugee neighbors. There is a long road ahead of us. This has been a painful four years and a nerve wracking few weeks, but the fight is not over.
Together with our community partners and allies we will continue to fight alongside immigrant and refugee communities.
“Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.” ~ Dolores Huerta
Photo via The New York Times: Credit…Lynsey Addario for The New York Times
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