What makes long-term systems change possible? Community. Community where all people thrive and have what they need. Cultivating this kind of community requires us to address the root causes of oppression: racism and colonialism. We have the collective power to change our narratives and actions in the world: moving money, policy, and culture toward peace and justice for all.

University Christian Church decided to fuel that long-term transformation, making a gift in 2020 of $500,000 to the ongoing organizing work of the Church Council of Greater Seattle. The congregation went through a mindful process: discerning that their mission was complete in its current form, distributing funds from building sale to local nonprofits to carry on their legacy, then reforming into a new congregation: joining with Lake City Christian Church to create Journey Christian Church. The Church Council is honored to be among those who carry their legacy of justice-making forward.

This gift will fuel multiple years of transformative work in our community: accompaniment and solidarity with immigrant and asylum-seeking people, the reimagining of land owned by faith communities, and locally-rooted organizing around housing and homelessness. We are deeply grateful for their trust in this movement we are building together, and for their choice to undergird the operational costs of this work.


Photo: University Christian Church via Mapquest

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