Wallingford United Methodist Church invites you to the following performance by Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre, hosted at our church:
The Ruins of Memory: Women’s Voices of the Holocaust
at Wallingford United Methodist Church
2115 N. 42nd St., Seattle, WA 98103
October 23, 2022 • 3:00 PM
Free-will donations at the door.
This theatrical performance piece, adapted and directed by Laura Ferri, features inspiring selections of resistance and resilience from fiction, poetry, and oral histories by survivors and victims of the Holocaust, spotlighting the stories of women from both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic communities. Combining live music, sound and movement with spoken word and song, the production captures emotional snapshots of the time, delineating the mounting tension and fear that swept throughout Europe as Jews were led inexorably to their fates.
For full information on this performance, please go HERE
Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre is a performance company committed to bringing provocative and entertaining Jewish literature, Jewish writers, and live music to those who have an interest in good storytelling and a desire to explore ideas relevant to humanity. For further information: https://alchemysts.org/
Photo: Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum, Photo Archive
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