The Church Council of Greater Seattle decries the attack on people celebrating Hanukkah at the home of a rabbi north of New York City. We pray for the victims of this heinous, anti-Semitic act. We deplore this and other instances of hate and violence against the Jewish community and pledge to stand with our religious kin in confronting aggression and discrimination toward people seeking to practice their faith in peace and unafraid.

As our Jewish siblings continue illuminating candles for the Festival of Lights and its message of life, liberation and freedom of religious expression, may God’s blessing shower upon the Jewish community in our nation. May we listen for God’s word of justice and hope that falls on our land like the rain and the snow and put this word into practice. May we learn God’s ways of compassion and make them our companion and our guide as we repair the breaches and heal the wounds in our communities during these difficult and troubling times.

PLEASE READ: “How Do We React in the Face of Hate?”, a statement and compilation of resources from our friends at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

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