We realize there has been a lot of changing information about this Saturday, June 10th, and an upcoming rally (now at Seattle City Hall plaza, 600 4th Ave.) by Act for America, which is recognized by Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, along with some counter-presences to support our Muslim neighbors. While faith leaders have been involved in conversations with an ad hoc group planning a counter-presence this Saturday, the Church Council of Greater Seattle, the Faith Action Network, and other faith organizations have decided not to sign on organizationally to a counter rally.

While solidarity with our Muslim neighbors has been lifted up as a primary value in planning for the counter-presence there, we realize that there will be a diversity of voices and expressions in how that counter-presence manifests itself, which may or may not be consistent with public vigils that local faith communities have traditionally convened. We appreciate the significant thoughtfulness and conversation in planning among people and groups, some of whom have been meeting for the first time. That being said, we want to share some options for faith community members who will participate downtown or who choose to express solidarity in other ways.

We offer the following list of possibilities to Stand with Our Muslim Neighbors before/during/after Saturday, June 10th:

The most important thing is we are there for one purpose, one message:

We Stand with Our Muslim Neighbors.

Whatever happens on Saturday will have the greatest impact on their communities.

Between now and Saturday:

  • Contact the media as people of faith, with op-eds and letters to the editor. These can be sent to: letters@seattletimes.com; letters@nytimes.com; orletters@washingtonpost.com to name a few. Please let us know if you are willing to do media interviews. Please see and share with your networks these wonderful faith leaders speaking on KING 5 Tuesday night.
  • Please download signs (letter size or ledger size) to be displayed publicly in your faith communities/homes/cars/businesses, to show your support. We want to leaflet the city with this message, during our Muslim neighbors’ holy month of Ramadan.
  • A sign delegation is planning to go out in downtown Seattle and ask businesses to post these signs on Friday 6/9, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM; please contact Rev. Mike Denton revdenton@gmail.com or FAN at 206-625-9790 if you’d like to be part of that effort.

On Saturday, join with other faith community members to be OBSERVERS or LEAFLETTERS:

  • Meet at Plymouth Church on 6th and Seneca at 8:45 am to finalize the plan and walk to the site of the Act for America rally. Our purpose is to be a presence of peace and non-violence, observing what is happening, and perhaps documenting by social media. Leafletters will share an information sheet that describes the positive contributions of our American Muslim neighbors and what Sharia Law really is, and also counters the Islamophobia the rally is trying to spread. FAN Governing Board Co-Chair Rev. Carol Jensen will be the contact point for Leafletters: Contact fan@fanwa.org or 206-625-9790 before 5pm on Friday and they’ll put you in touch with Carol.

After Saturday:

  • Check out the Combating Islamophobia Action and Resource List shared with the Church Council from our local Muslim partners.
  • Get to know your Muslim neighbors through interfaith Iftar dinners during Ramadan.
  • Continue reaching out to media in your community.
  • Visible gatherings and education opportunities for faith leaders and faith communities about countering Islamophobia will be held after Ramadan. Stay tuned!
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