#GivingTuesday falls on December 3 this year.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to show love to all the nonprofits making change you care about.

If you’d like to make a gift to the Church Council of Greater Seattle or Youth Chaplaincy Coalition, you can find our secure online donation form here

Below is a sampling of local Seattle and Washington Statewide organizations participating in #GivingTuesday, in case you need some ideas. We hope you take this opportunity to give wherever your heart leads you!

Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network – The Washington Immigrant Solidairity Network is a coaltion of nearly 200 immigrant and refugee rights organizations, service providers, labor unions and individuals that strive to protect, serve and strengthen support capacity and resources to build a united voice in Washington.

Kids in Need of Defense – KIND staff and our pro bono attorney partners at law firms, corporations, and law schools nationwide represent unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children in their deportation proceedings. Together, we ensure that no child stands in court alone.

Gethsemane Lutheran Church – this is the congregation where our brother Jose Robles was in Sanctuary for over a year before being detained in July, 2019. Learn more here.

NW Immigrant Rights’ Project – Keeping families together, protecting people from violence, and standing up to injustice. We believe access to justice shouldn’t depend on where you are born or how much money you have.

21 Progress – 21 Progress develops leaders across sectors and communities to have the skills, knowledge, and tools to pursue social change and fight inequality within their respective communities.

Casa Latina – Our Mission is to advance the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.

El Centro de la Raza – El Centro de la Raza (The Center for People of All Races) is a voice and a hub for the Latino community in Seattle and Martin Luther King, Jr. County. Through our 42 programs and services for low-income children, youth, families and seniors of all backgrounds. We work to achieve equitable social and economic justice and empower people to be fully involved in our community.

Entre Hermanos – Tu Organizacion Latina LGBTQ

FEEST – FEEST is an organization led by youth of color in South Seattle and South King County working to improve health in our schools.”Our mission is to set the table for young people to transform the health and equity of their community by gathering around food & working towards systems change.”

The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship – “We focus on 20-somethings committed to a year or more of volunteer service, walking with them as they tackle tough challenges, face human suffering, and question faith, identity and vocation. Our proven model, the Service Journey, equips them for effective service and helps them unpack and apply what they learn. In our peer mentoring community, they meet others willing to stand in hard places, embrace a radical service ethic, and meet difficult challenges. This spiritual and leadership formation equips them for long-term impact in the workplace, community, and world.”

Latino Community Fund of Washington – The Latino Community Fund cultivates new leaders, supports cultural and community based non-profit organizations, and improves the quality of life for all Washingtonians. To achieve its mission and address the needs of Latinos, LCF programs create a vibrant community through civic engagement, healthy families, arts and culture.

SHARE – SHARE is Seattle Housing and Resource Effort (co-ed). WHEEL is the Women’s Housing, Equality and Enhancement League (women-only). We are partnered organizations of homeless and formerly homeless men and women. All of our efforts are self-managed; run by the homeless members themselves. We are King County’s largest shelter network, with 11 indoor shelters and two Tent Cities. In addition to shelters and Tent Cities, we facilitate a Storage Locker Program and a Housing-For-Work Program called SHARE2. We are not a social service organization; we are a self-help group.

Mental Healthy Chaplaincy – Founded by Rev. Craig Rennebohm in 1987, the Mental Health Chaplaincy provides a companion presence in the city for those living in homelessness, mental illness, addictions and trauma.

Nickelsville – Nickelsville’s villages are self-governed by the homeless people who live there.  Each person has weekly obligations, while elected leaders make sure rules are followed and solve problems that arise.  Once a week people gather to conduct Nickelsville business at the Nickelsville Central Committee Meeting.

Rainier Valley Foodbank – Our mission is to nourish with good food, empower with knowledge, and serve with compassion.

Rainier Valley Corps – RVC promotes social justice by cultivating leaders of color, strengthening organizations led by communities of color, and fostering collaboration between diverse communities.

Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project – Seattle’s award winning street newspaper. Immediate economic opportunity for people who are low-income and homeless.

Reel Grrls – Founded in 2001, Reel Grrls was the first media arts center in the United States focused on training girls in media production through hands-on workshops and classes taught by feminist media professionals and educators.

Refugee Artisan Initiative – At Refugee Artisan Initiative, our mission is to transform the lives of refugee and immigrant women by providing sustainable work in sewing and handcrafting products.

Earth Ministries – Earth Ministry transforms faith into action for the well-being of communities and the environment. We organize people of faith to advocate for strong environmental policies and provide strategic guidance to religious communities working toward environmental justice.

Puget Sound Sage – Puget Sound Sage combines research, innovative public policy and organizing to ensure all people have an affordable place to live, a good job, a clean environment, and access to public transportation.

Got Green – Got Green is transforming the environmental movement by building power in working-class communities of color.  Your contribution will help us advance our critical work of developing community leadership, waging grassroots campaigns, and building a multi-issue movement for social change.

Seattle Peace Chorus – The chorus was founded in 1983 in response to the Cold War. The chorus continues to build bridges, celebrate community, and cultivate peace and justice through song.

Somali Community Services of Seattle – Our mission is to work for the success of refugees to undergo a smooth transitional process, and attain self-sustainable status in their new country.

the Service Board – the Service Board (tSB) mentors youth to conquer personal and cultural challenges through outdoor adventure, environmental and social justice education, and public service.

The Washington Bus – The Washington Bus Education Fund engages our generation on their own terms. We train young leaders with the skills to organize, and connect our values to civic action. At the Bus, we’re shaping the future of Washington!

Theatre Off Jackson – Theatre Off Jackson’s mission is to help maintain a vital arts culture in Seattle. We accomplish this by offering and operating an affordable, sustainable venue dedicated to performance, art, and community.

Tilth Alliance – Our mission is to build an ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable food system.

Washington Immigrant Defense Network – Washington Immigrant Defense Network (WIDEN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides funding and support services for lawyers representing low-income detained immigrants in order to increase the capacity and quality of available legal services. We also work with attorneys who want to volunteer, but do not have experience in the field of immigration law. By providing support to legal services for detained immigrants, we can dramatically increase the range of services provided to detained immigrants.

However you give, know that you are vital to this movement. We are grateful to be part of connection individuals, congregations, and organizations to the justice-making they feel called to, wherever that may be.

Thank you for being here with us this year on #GivingTuesday!

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