The Church Council of Greater Seattle stands in solidarity with the workers of Card Kingdom (producers of ‘Magic The Gathering’) as they come together with UFCW 3000 to unionize their workplace!

You’re invited to sign & share this petition so the employer recognizes in good faith these demands to bargain:

More on what’s happening: “My former coworkers at Card Kingdom have taken the leap and just went public with their unionization effort. This is a campaign I’ve been working on for the last two years and is really important to me. They are fighting for a living wage for all workers at the company as well as managerial accountability and fair time off policies. I left the company after nearly three years as I saw that the bosses were dedicated to removing any part of the job that was enjoyable or rewarding, instead opting to emulate soulless mega-corporations to maximize company profits. It wasn’t the place that I started at and my friends and coworkers deserve better. As a fulfillment warehouse and being in the broader gaming sector, a union at Card Kingdom have a big impact on both of those industries. You can show your support by signing the petition, and if you’re a Card Kingdom customer let them know you’re pro-union next time you shop or visit the store.” – L.J


Check out @UFCW3000 and #CardKingdomUnion on social media to support and follow the Card Kingdom Union’s journey!

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