On July 18, Interfaith Immigration Coalition, Side With Love, & the UU Service Committee offered “Heal Not Harm: Restore Asylum Now” webinar and teach-in.

As shared by our speakers who offered their lived experiences, Title 42 is an inhumane and racist policy that violates the inherent worth and dignity of asylum seekers attempting to find safety within the borders of the United States. From blatant anti-blackness, to shackled dehumanization in front of their families, their stories remind us that what is happening is not theoretical but happening every day to real people. And their call to end the atrocities they and others have faced is one we cannot ignore.

As people of faith we must not only listen to and learn from the real people who are impacted by this deadly policy, we must follow their prophetic lead and take action to Restore Asylum NOW!

We know that the fight to end Title 42 & restore humane asylum policies has been a long and difficult one. And as people of faith, we have not only a moral obligation to challenge violently racist border policies, but also a resilient belief that another world is possible if we choose to make it so. Together we can take action, claim our collective power, and bend the moral arc of the universe to the justice & love we know is all of ours to manifest.

Recordings & Resources from the Heal Not Harm Webinar

“Heal Not Harm: Restore Asylum Now!” Webinar Recording

Take Action

Join the interfaith community that is taking action July 18-29 by demanding that our elected leaders end Title 42. You can help restore asylum by taking these three actions:

Use this “click-to-call” tool to be automatically connected to your elected leaders with a personalizable script explaining why an end to Title 42 is essential.

  • Send an email to your Congress & President Biden

Send a personalizable message to your Members of Congress & President Biden explaining how your faith demands an end to Title 42 & the restoration of asylum.

  • Post on social media & tag your elected leaders

Use or personalize one of these tweets from the “Title 42 Must End NOW!” Toolkit to let your elected leaders know the only moral choice is to end Title 42.

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