Shared with us by our partners at WAISN:
We wanted to make sure you saw the new report from the University of Washington Center for Human Rights on the implementation of Keep Washington Working, including the story on KUOW about its findings.

Included in the key findings are:

  • Law enforcement agencies across our state are dedicating energy and effort to KWW implementation.
  • Everyday policing still blurs into opportunities for federal immigration enforcement.
  • Washington jails and prisons remain key points in the pipeline to immigration detention and deportation.
  • Jail contracts are a mixed bag.
  • Key areas unaddressed by the law remain cause for concern.

Click here to read the executive summary and the report


This is why, more than ever, we need to ensure our community knows about our hotline to report ICE sightings, detentions, and violations of Keep Washington Working. Please share the hotline number widely!
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