Our History: 100 years making a difference together

1919: The Founding of the Church Council – “Common sense applied to the common tasks”

by Beth Amsbary

Seattle 1919: Surely, the world as we know it is falling apart and being re-formed.

1942: “Breaking the Silence” – A Conversation with Yosh Nakagawa

As a Japanese child interned with his family at a concentration camp in Idaho in 1942, lifetime activist and Seattle icon Yosh Nakagawa discovered the solidarity and unity that baseball and team sports brought to him and his community there, a relationship which...

1965: “The WA Council of Churches Raises Official Voice in State Legislature” – A Story by Paul Beeman

By Rev. Paul Beeman, former lobbyist, Des Moines WA It had been more than a decade since President Truman ended segregation in the armed forces; ten years since the “Brown vs. Board of Education” decision legally ended segregation in public schools; and just a year...

1979: “As Broad a Coalition as Possible” – A Conversation with The Rev. David Bloom

In this video, Rev. Bloom shares his story of working for justice with faith communities in the Greater Seattle Area after moving to Seattle from Washington DC in 1975. He met the Rev Dr. Bill Cate when Cate came to preach at University Baptist Church, where Rev....

1981: “Struggling Together For Justice” by Cindy Domingo

I first came into contact with the Church Council of Greater Seattle in June 1981 in the aftermath of the assassinations of my brother, Silme Domingo and fellow labor leader, Gene Viernes.  Both were leaders in the anti-Marcos, pro-Philippine democracy movement in the...

The Difference Together is Making in Bellevue by Trish Rogers

Over the past few years there has been an effort in Bellevue to update the regulatory environment surrounding homelessness, especially around supporting the construction of a year round shelter. The Church Council of Greater Seattle had already been doing work around...

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