Holden Village hosts a community of local Latine people who put together a series of activities for local Spanish-speaking families, particularly agricultural workers in Central Washington. This year Abriendo Caminos is the week of August 6-11. Speakers and topics are scheduled to equip and inspire Latine people and solidarity with Latine communities. More details available at their website. See the descriptions for Cohort 9.

Joey Lopez and E.N. West from The Church Council will be teaching faculty at Holden Village during Week 4, July 2-7 – we hope you can join us! The Faith Land Initiative of The Church Council of Greater Seattle accompanies, facilitates and convenes faith communities in King County, Washington to faithfully and equitably steward land and other assets toward acts of dignity restoration and community-based stewardship of land. We will share lessons we’ve learned over 3 years in this work, with the intention of informing, motivating and inspiring faith leaders who may find themselves leading their own faith communities through discerning faithful land stewardship.

You can also volunteer at Holden Village this summer! See their flyer for volunteer opportunities and how to apply.

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