The Equity in Education Coalition, in partnership with YuPro and Facebook, have opened the nation’s first MultiLingual and Multicultural tech support call in center — TechConnect WA


A year ago, when we went remote in WA State, one of the biggest hurdles that our communities faced was the lack of digital literacy.  Many of our immigrant, migrant, and BIPOC communities might have had access to the internet via their phones, but had very little knowledge about learning management systems or technology.


The Equity in Education Coalition has launched a solution to that very problem and it is FREE to all of our WA residents.


The staff at TechConnect WA are multilingual and experienced tech support call center staff.


Please share this resource with your networks!


Contact for questions about the EEC or TechConnect WA:  Sharonne Navas (she/her/Sharonne), Co-Founder and Executive Director @ Equity in Education Coalition at (206) 486-6031

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