“When the unbearable cold hit, we called City Hall all week, to be sure there was a plan in place for 24/7 shelter for the chronically unhoused people in our community. At the 11th hour, we paid a visit to City Hall. Finally, they agreed! I am forever grateful for you, Pastor Hahn.Forming a relationship between us has made a difference for Renton.”

The Rev. Dr. Linda Smith, SKY Ministries

Photo: Rev Dr. Linda M Smith, Rev. Kacey Hahn, and Rev. Dr. Joyce Parry-Moore walk and chant together during a public action in July, 2019. Photo by Irene Muller.

Dear friend,

I hope someday you will spend five minutes beside these two women. You may hear laughter and appreciation. You will definitely hear honesty and determination. You will hear how their meeting — through the Church Council of Greater Seattle — formed a relationship that is transforming their lives and their community.
You can make a difference today by connecting & equipping faith-inspired leaders who will not stop until there are beds & homes for everyone.
I invite you to make a gift to the work of the Church Council of Greater Seattle today.
You are needed.

Make a gift here.


”When you move to a new city in a new part of the country, how do you get rooted in authentic relationships?” asks Pastor Kacey Hahn, of St. Matthew’s Lutheran in Renton.
“It would have taken me years to connect with the heart of Rev. Dr. Smith’s vision, if I had not met her at a workshop she led on Restorative Justice at a conference sponsored by the Church Council. I was drawn to her prophetic leadership, public theology, and desire to be a force for good in our community.”
Rev. Dr. Smith leads key initiatives in concert with African American Pastors in Renton. She serves as Pastor of the Church of Mary Magdalene at Mary’s Place, as well as SKY Ministries. The meeting between this established African American leader and a new pastor with energy and commitment held promise. But there were steps to take before they could collaborate.
“Our relationship and our work together was born out of the Church Council of Greater Seattle.” says Rev. Dr. Smith. Pastor Hahn agrees: “We first met at a Council’s event. Now our relationship has grown to include so much more, encouraged by collaborating with the Council.”
They practically sing in unison about what emerged:
“We built trust together.”
“We faced crisis together.”
“We dream together.”
Their community organizing together now includes:
  • advocating for people experiencing homelessness in Renton;
  • proactively working with the Renton police department around police brutality;
  • and working with Joey Ager of the Church Council staff to envision new ways to collaborate for real change in Renton.
“We are creating a Renton Hope Village, bringing together faith communities, government, and non-profits. Together we summon the moral vision & practical steps to get people off the streets in Renton. We thank God for connecting us.”

The Difference We Make Together.

People of faith across King & South Snohomish Counties are forming powerful relationships and leading the way. Some are ordained. Many more are lay leaders and interfaith or secular friends. Read more about the concrete outcomes made possible by all these relationships here.

900 small meetings. 4 conferences. Dozens of workshops and advisory groups. 80 volunteers trained to walk with immigrant community members facing sensitive appointments. Housing ordinances approved from Burien to Bellevue to Seattle. Lasting change shared one cup of coffee at a time.

This year we especially need you to join the circle of power. We are just $20,000 away from paying for the stellar organizers who make this work possible.
With changes in tax laws, some of our larger donors are giving more modestly. But we are a movement of many. If 150 people like you make a modest gift, you will keep those organizers hard at work.
A group of friends believe we can do this together.

They offer you their encouragement and a

“Together Difference Matching Challenge”:

Every gift of $25 will be increased to $50.
Every gift of $50 – $85 will be increased to $100.
Every gift of $100 – $125 will be increased to $150
Every gift of $150 – $185 will be increased to $200
In 1919 the Church Council was founded out of the broken hearts of World War I. “Congregations can do together can do what we cannot alone,” said a founding leader, “We must.”
Please join us to keep that sacred Together Difference alive for the person on the freezing streets of Renton and their neighbors who know we must do better.
With prayer for you and your communities,

Michael Ramos

Executive Director
P.S.  It’s not too late to be part of our 2nd Century Campaign and give life to the future of faith-inspired justice-making. You may make a gift to that campaign on the enclosed remit along with your support of 2019’s work.
P.P.S. Please make your gift for 2019’s work by December 31 to increase it with the Together Difference Challenge. Thank you. It helps. It really does.
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