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“Right now especially, it’s important we reach across all our divides, which are man-made. There is so much goodness in the people of this country; that’s the hope. My experience, as a Muslim, is that we can rely upon the Church Council of Greater Seattle as a partner, to connect the hope among all our communities.”  –  Sanaa Joy Carey

Sanaa Joy Carey, a leader among local Muslims, reached out to us. She saw the potential for hateful rhetoric and fear-based policies to harm local people of many beliefs and backgrounds. “I hoped we could stand together,” she explains, “to strengthen our democracy.

You made it possible to stand with Sanaa and her communities earlier this year, convening 9 conversations on religion and democracy. You made it possible to stand with them again this month, with a rapid response gathering of many leaders to uplift values of faith at this moment and plan next steps together: the holy work of standing with neighbors who are under attack and being people of hope.

Your involvement is needed.  You can “connect the hope” with an investment in the circle of faith communities who act together.

Here’s what you make possible for people like Sanaa in this urgent moment:

Active network of faith leaders: Christians, interfaith partners, and allies who meet and create work groups to carry forth the holy work of refuge, protection, and advocacy. You support the many steps to convene, follow up, and build involvement in their brave work.

Voices of Faith in the Public Square: Voices ring through City Council Chambers in Bellevue and SeaTac, Renton and Seattle, calling for housing solutions. Victories in each city protected and increased housing for 5,000 people in just the past 3 months. “Remember those ministers?” we’ve heard Council members say a week later. You make it possible.

Prayer and Vigil: Gatherings to keep our spirits focused on the great work we are given, to be beloved community for our neighbors.

Thanks to you, the light of God shines into hearts, dispelling shadows of fear.

Messages flood into the office asking “How can we find some practical hope right now?”

Thanks to you, we are ready. This is the moment that the Church Council was created for.

Help us respond. Without you, there is no central hub, no website to share news, no staff & lead volunteers to attend a dozen organizing meetings each week. Fewer trusted partners for Sanaa and her community to turn to.

A circle of leaders stepped forward with gifts of $5,000 to close 2016 strong and be sure we are ready to do even more next year.  Won’t you join them?

Thank you. What a good thing it is to be people of hope in this time.

(Picture: Aneelah Afzali of Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS); Rev. Meredith Dodd of Bear Creek United Methodist Church; and Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg of Congregation Kol Ami participate in a panel discussion as part of the Standing Together series of Interfaith conversations, co-sponsored with MAPS.)



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