My name is Yasir Alfarag (he/him), and I am a student at the University of Washington majoring in Political Science and minoring in Urban Planning. I am from Baghdad, Iraq, and I moved to the states about six years ago. My family and I were admitted as refugees after living in Syria and Jordan. Since I was an early teen, I became deeply interested in politics. I noticed how my family and community would watch the news every night and discuss it during the day. I saw how our livelihoods and futures were directly affected by the government. I made it a mission to become a public servant one day to represent people in my community and stand for issues they care about. Immigration and justice are issues that closely resemble my experience and values. Providing a better, prosperous just life for people is what guides me, and I am excited and humbled to share my experience and learn more at the Church Council.

Being an immigrant defines me today, and having personally lived in areas of conflict strengthened me. I have finally found peace and a place where I can envision the future more safely. I want to share and protect immigrants from all backgrounds and experiences. I want to share the feeling of finally feeling home with everyone that seeks assistance.

I have recently earned my United States citizenship. I realize that this privilege that now I have gained allows me to protect and defend immigrants. I will use this prvilege to stand for immigrant rights and immigration justice

In my free time you can find me riding my bike, discovering new music, or cooking delicious meals for my boyfriend.

I thank the Church Council for this great opportunity. I am honored to work in a place where justice is the leading principal.

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