My name is Maricruz Maldonado Vargas (she/her) and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Washington with a double major in Law, Societies, and Justice and Spanish and a minor in Diversity. I am from a small town called Othello on the Eastern side of Washington. A fun fact is that I love to make jewelry in my free time.

My dream is to become an immigration lawyer because I have seen and experienced the fear that comes with being undocumented. Being undocumented leaves many vulnerable especially in the workplace where exploitation happens more than often. Many of these instances have gone unreported because of the fear that their employer will tell I.C.E about their status. They want to silence us for being undocumented but what they do not know is that our worth goes beyond our labor. La Lucha, the fight does not end until all undocumented people can obtain a pathway to citizenship.

I am very excited and grateful to be working with the Church Council team because I know that this accompaniment program is supporting the undocumented community in times where their safety may be compromised. I know that together we can continue advocating and fighting for the rights of our community!

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