Starting TODAY Washingtonians can order free COVID Tests for delivery to their homes! The ordering portal is quick and easy!


Why say YES?

  • Help reduce COVID-19 spread by testing at home and getting results in just minutes
  • People who don’t have symptoms can still spread COVID-19, so testing is critical to knowing if you’re infected
  • Along with vaccination, wearing a mask, hand washing, and physical distancing, frequent at-home testing protects our loved ones
  • Know more, live safer, and get back to the people and things you love sooner

Who should test?

Anyone age 2 and older can participate. Frequent testing is especially important for those with more exposure outside the home, such as kids in school or people who spend time in a group setting — whether vaccinated or not!


Vaccination, along with testing, is the best way of preventing COVID-19 spread. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at preventing infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. However, even fully vaccinated people have a chance of becoming infected and spreading the virus, so testing remains important for everyone.

Anyone age 5 and older is now eligible for vaccination. COVID-19 vaccines are free of charge to everyone living in the US, regardless of immigration or health insurance status. Visit to learn more.

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