Light the Way for Lucia (legal defense fund)

A courageous mother and survivor is fighting for her children’s future and she needs our support. Will you join us by donating to Lucía’s legal defense?

Lucía* is an Indigenous immigrant mother in her mid-20s who has raised her children with deep love and care in a small town in Washington State.

Lucía has survived gender-based violence from several men for years. But the situation became dire last fall when Lucía’s baby was injured and, due to the abuse, she felt she had no choice but to take the blame. Now Lucía is being prosecuted by a criminal legal system that has failed to protect her and her children every step of the way. If convicted, she faces up to life in prison, permanent separation from her children, and deportation.

Lucía needs a fierce legal advocate with gender and cultural competency to stand the best chance of winning her case and reuniting with her family. But the court denied Lucía an attorney she could trust and a say in her legal representation simply because she is poor.

We are coming together as Lucía’s community – her parents, siblings, friends, teachers, fellow church members, and neighbors –to raise $53,000 so Lucía can afford an attorney to fight for her freedom and her family before her trial in late summer. 

Will you join us by donating to Lucía’s legal defense today?

All funds up to $53,000 will go to Lucía’s legal defense, with any extra dedicated to her family expenses.

Visit this page for more of Lucía’s story and why we are coming together to support criminalized survivors like her.

*Lucía’s name has been changed to protect her and her family’s safety.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON HOW TO GIVE: This giving platform has the occasional glitch. If you are unable to give on this site, or if you plan to give a large amount, please reach out to to request the information to give by check, by Venmo, or other methods that will work for you.

Thank you!





Photos: (top) A drawing by one of Lucía’s children created shortly after she was released from jail, (above) Lucía and her children put their hands together

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