Faith Land Initiative

There are acres of underutilized, vacant, or surplus

faith-owned land in the Puget Sound region.

Now is the moment for faith communities

to model a community-based approach

to land development.

The Faith Land Initiative of the Church Council of Greater Seattle is a network of congregations and faith leaders, building collective power around faithful land use & equitable development. At our core, the Faith Land Discernment Cohort develops leaders to practice faith-rooted organizing and anti-racism values.

We do this by cultivating deeper relationships through engaging neighborhood stakeholders, lawmakers, and elected officials, and practicing transformative stewardship of faith-owned land. We pursue the work of Shalom: peace and justice with ourselves, with each other, and the land.

We believe the process is as important as the outcome. Our process is grounded in a faith-rooted organizing approach.

Listening facilitates relationship building, the foundation of community organizing, which creates the possibility to co-create the beloved community.

Learning guides our education on the systems of power that impact the use of our land, in order to act wisely, accountably, and effectively as we engage those systems.

Action rooted in listening and learning, moves us from talking about the world as it is toward making possible our dreams of the world as it should be.

Reflection creates sacred pause for us to draw out wisdom from our shared experiences and God’s voice. Reflection is critical to our next steps: building on our successes while being accountable to our impact.

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