Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, thanks to you and your congregations for demonstrating loving kindness toward one another during this outbreak of novel coronavirus COVID-19. I want to share a word of gratitude to each of you for your compassionate collaboration over the last year and continuing today, to Make a Difference Together.

Indeed, we are linked together on this planet in 2020 in ways we may not have imagined a couple of generations ago. Each concrete act to enhance the health, safety, and well-being of one another, particularly our elders, is a blessing for this portion of the global village we call Martin Luther King Jr. and South Snohomish Counties.

Following the health guidelines from the State of Washington and Seattle-King County Public Health, the Church Council of Greater Seattle has postponed our Annual Assembly scheduled for March 31. On behalf of the board and staff, we look forward to rescheduling this event later this year, considering mid-September as a possibility.

We look forward to exploring with you how to support the power of local community leaders to transform their own communities. Most of all, we share our love and concern for each of you and your communities at this time.

We recommend following the guidelines set forth by our health authorities to assist in limiting further spread of the virus and to properly care for people who may be experiencing symptoms or who are otherwise impacted by this situation. Please take a moment to review the resources and information from King County regarding the latest health-related decisions and guidelines (these links can be found at the end of this letter). Particular recommendations for faith communities can be found on our website here.

I appreciate the myriad ways that you have managed to hold worship services, stay in touch with and accompany one another remotely during this time. I am moved by how congregations are adapting in order to continue to model faithful service. Your attentiveness sends ripples of friendship that strengthens us all as community.

We want to keep hearing your thoughts, questions, insights, and comments as we have the opportunity to continue to learn from one another. In my view of the ecumenical and multi-faith vision, we belong together, we need one another, and we acknowledge that in appreciating our differences and diversity, we are strengthened in relationship and common commitment.

Please feel free to send me an e-mail any time at

Thank you for your friendship, commitment, and solidarity.





P.S. Will you share the strength by making a gift?

As local groups step up courageously to this moment, we all must stretch to offer extra services, and to simply meet basic operational costs. If it is possible for you to make a gift to strengthen and support your favorite organizations, now is a the perfect moment to do so. If you choose to include the Church Council of Greater Seattle, hundreds of congregations and organizing partners would be deeply grateful.

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