The Church Council of Greater Seattle is joining in efforts to help blunt the spread of COVID-19.  As people of faith, we can communicate that the situation warrants serious precautions. We can also do our part to respond to misinformation and stigma.  Please share, print, and post the information below as you see fit.

We encourage you to follow this developing situation, and to keep educating yourself about the disease, what health professionals are learning about the transmission of COVID-19, and the best ways to limit the possibility of exposure and infection for yourself, loved ones, congregants and community members. This on-going education about the illness is especially important for anyone with a compromised immune system, or anyone who is regularly around others with such a weakened system.

Please consider checking and subscribing to:

King County Public Health’s website

King County Public Health’s blog

Washington State Department of Health

Please note, King County has issued this guidance for large gatherings including faith based organizations. Large gatherings include having 50 people or more participants. Please review the guidance carefully. These recommendations can help orient discernment and decision-making regarding religious services, meetings, and other types of gatherings. Your religious organization, group, denomination, or affiliated authority may have already issued direction for practices and protocols applicable to your form of religious expression. The recommendations provide additional points for consideration.

Additional Resources
Basic Info Fact Sheet (also in multiple languages)

Coronavirus and Stigma

Food Safety Guidance

Sanitize and Disinfect Guidance

Janitorial Staff Guidance

Routine Cleaning

Pandemic Business Planning

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