As you’ve heard, Congress recently passed a COVID-19 relief packet. However, this direct payment assistance excludes vulnerable undocumented workers, and their U.S. citizen children who will also be deprived of vital aid if they’re head of their household, or anyone in their family files their tax return with an ITIN. Studies show that about half of Latinx individuals have at least one member of their household whose pay has been cut, or who has lost their job due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is compared to 33% of all adults in the U.S. who are experiencing this same difficult situation. Undocumented Washingtonians cannot file for unemployment insurance, health insurance, and most safety net programs.


To support our undocumented families, the Washington Dream Coalition WDC, in partnership with Scholarship JunkiesNorthwest Immigrant Rights Project, and WA Immigrant Solidarity Network -Red de Solidaridad de Inmigrantes en WA has consistently and continues fundraising through a GoFundMe Charity campaign, managed by Scholarship Junkies to provide financial relief to undocumented individuals in Washington State. In order to reach as many families and individuals through these hard times, if you can, please consider in donating or letting your friends know of all the donation options here! The fund is currently $141,000 strong. These donations will help undocumented WA folks who’ve lost their income due to COVID-19 and need direct income assistance. As of last week, 7,000 individuals had signed up to be placed on this waiting list, and the application has now OPENED!


The application for assistance is available here.


Funds will be distributed as soon as possible. If you know anyone who is of need of this assistance you can apply at the link below. Folks who need help filling out the form can call the WAISN hotline at 1-844-724-3737!

If you and/or your organization would like to be a partner of this fund, you can help fund raise and apply for grants in the region. Please reach out to the Washington Dream Coalition at

? ¡Nuestra solicitud para personas indocumentadas de WA que han perdido sus ingresos debido a COVID-19 y necesitan asistencia directa de ingresos está en vivo!
 Solicite ahora en
? ¡Las personas que necesitan ayuda para completar el formulario pueden llamar a la línea directa de WAISN al 1-844-724-3737!
✊?Si puede donar, continúe haciéndolo en El fondo tiene actualmente una fortaleza de $141,000.

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