Gracious Giving⁠

Bringing you some thoughts from Nate, one of our chaplaincy mentors.

Please join us in our continued efforts to offer mentoring and chaplaincy to our youth! We know that just one long-term adult relationship can repair important neural pathways with our traumatized youth. Your donations are critical to keep this going! Our MAP Mentoring program is designed to do just this! Create a bond between mentor and youth that transforms their ability to relate to others. We see this happen in our 1:1 mentoring and chaplain sessions along with our LGBTQ+ youth group that we lead within a detention setting. Talk about a tough place for kids!

Because we cannot take gifts into detention this year, we are planning a 2021 that gifts the workbook Ink About It to all the youth in Washington affected by incarceration in JRA or King County. Along with the book, we hope to fund mentor/ chaplain stipends along with mileage reimbursement. ⁠

Thank you!⁠

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Rev. Terri Jane Stewart

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