We were honored to be joined at a recent fundraising event by our friends Eric Liu and Jena Cane of Citizen University. At the next Civic Saturday after this event, Eric shared the story of our dear friends Jaime Rubio Sulficio, Keiko Maruyama, and their young son during his sermon. Here is what he said:

“If you were with us in February at El Centro de la Raza you will remember that during the community announcements, one man asked in accented English whether we might sign a petition on his behalf so that he would not be deported by the government of the United States. His name is Jaime Rubio Sulficio. He is undocumented, having come to the U.S. from Mexico over a dozen years ago. In those years he worked in construction and then started a construction business. He has taught Latin dance and volunteered to help veterans with home 3 repairs. He had been granted stays of deportation several times until the current administration took power. Then he was given 120 days to leave this country and leave behind his wife Keiko Maruyama and their young son.

Jená and I saw Keiko a few weeks ago. She spoke at a potluck fundraiser at a friend’s home, organized by the Church Council of Greater Seattle. Jaime was not there. When his petitions were denied and he had exhausted every appeal, Jaime took sanctuary at St. Mark’s Cathedral. He’s lived there since April. He cannot risk leaving. I promised Keiko I would share his story, and she’s here today. That potluck fundraiser was for the Church Council’s programs to support families like theirs, including one that trains volunteers who accompany immigrants to appointments with government agencies. To celebrate presence is to remember our duty to champion. Our duty to show up for others. Our duty to accompany.”

You can view full video of Civic Saturday on December 7, 2019 below, or at this link.

The segment from which Eric Liu is quoted above begins at 29:05

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