Thank you to everyone who joined our Accompaniment Training this week, it was great seeing new and familiar faces!

For those who were unable to attend but would like to view the 2022 Accompaniment Training, you can watch it here. (passcode: @+PUrt55).  Afterwards, please take a few minutes to complete our 2022 Accompaniment Training Feedback Form (if you have any questions, comments or concerns please include them here). By filling out this form we at CCGS hope to improve our trainings, and your feedback is the best way for us to do that! Our intention with your responses is solely to review and apply your feedback for future trainings.

I would like to recognize that we shared a lot of information today, and  emphasize that no accompaniment training or series of trainings will ever make us fully “competent” and in fact, that was not the objective of our trainings. Instead, we seek to welcome you to our Accompaniment Community in engaging in an on-going, lifelong learning and reflective process where we learn about ourselves and our systems of inequities in the context of relationships, while becoming equipped to accompany one another.

Here are our presentation slides for your reference.

My last friendly reminder, you do not need to memorize every piece of information we’ve shared today to be an accompaniment volunteer. In many instances, we provide reminders, get together and go over much of the information we did today to ensure you all feel confident and have the tools you need for an accompaniment. 

We appreciate your patience, flexibility and willingness to collectively create a community that accompanies one another. Thank you for joining us! We hope you will sign up for additional areas of accompaniment training as they become available. We invite you to notice ways that you incorporate the values of accompaniment, walking with other people, following their lead, putting your agenda aside, to be present as a fellow human, a reminder that we don’t walk through the unknown alone.

Photo: an in-person CCGS Accompaniment training in 2019

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