Dear Friends,

It is with a mixture of sadness and gratitude that I share this with you. Our dear colleague Briana Brannan, who has served so admirably as Immigrant Accompaniment Organizer at the Church Council of Greater Seattle for the last three years, has accepted a new position with King County Elections Department and is moving forward from the Church Council. She wrapped up her community organizing work on June 30.

Briana is a brilliant organizer, collaborative team-builder, humble teacher, and passionate compañera for so many in our immigrant and solidarity-offering communities.  She led the development of the CCGS Accompaniment program from the seed of an idea offered by her colleague at 21 Progress, provided the necessary trainings from a perspective of cultural humility, and created partnerships with WAISN & KIND that have expanded the model and reach of “walking together” in the State of Washington.

She provided consistent and invaluable support and counsel for congregations undertaking the initiative of sanctuary, including “Use Your Rights” trainings and co-organized deportation defense campaigns in which hundreds participated. With groups like the Seattle Interfaith Migrant Rights Network (SIMRN) and el Grupo de Solidaridad, she cultivated many ways for people of faith and good will to “give themselves over” to the challenges and opportunities being faced by immigrant siblings at such a time as this.

I remain in awe how Briana modeled in herself what she conveyed to others and so blazed a path of integrity, transparency and accountability for allied community members of faith participating in the immigrant rights movement.  We will miss incredibly her wisdom, humor, commitment, skill, justice-making, and love for the people, all through a lens of equitable relationships.  We will feel the loss of her presence on a daily basis, while anticipating opportunities to connect informally in the future.

On behalf of the Church Council, I want to be one of many to honor and give thanks for Briana’s leadership in our community.  We know this leadership will take on new and different forms in the future and we wish her every blessing in her endeavors ahead.  Muchisimas gracias y vaya con Dios, Briana!

We are grateful to our Immigrant Accompaniment Associate, Kimberly Dominguez-Barranco, who will continue in her role with the Church Council, guiding the Accompaniment program in its adaptations in the face of COVID-19.  Updates regarding this program will occur periodically.  As always, we welcome your collaboration, insights, and solidarity.  For any questions not related directly to the CCGS Accompaniment efforts, please contact me at

In the spirit of “loving kindness” practiced so eloquently by Briana and as pathway for all of us,

Michael Ramos

Executive Director

You can download this message as a PDF here: Briana transition announcement 2020 PDF


Here are some photos Briana sent along from her time at the Church Council to share in gratitude and love with you all:





And a few we found in our own files that remind us just how lucky we are to know and work beside Briana, at the Church Council and beyond:


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