Rev. Dr. Bill Cate: Compassion with Courage

Depending on who tells the story, the Reverend Dr. William Cate was a mild mannered Methodist minister, a statesman of the social gospel, or “Captain Ecumenical” unleashing merry bands of activists. All agree he channeled the energy of his era, offering people of goodwill a welcoming place to take action for the common good. “Bill” Cate, served as President-Director of the Church Council of Greater Seattle for twenty years, from 1970-1990. He inspired conversation and action among many denominations, religions, and sectors of society — always encouraging the growth of courageous compassion. In partnership with his dynamic wife Jan, Bill ushered in a new generation of faith-inspired justice-making. Bill passed away in January of 2016.

Find good leaders and give them what they need

A trademark of Bill Cate’s leadership was his ability to empower grassroots leadership: find emerging voices, listen to them, support them in doing good works, and stand by them when they got into difficulties.

Pass the Justice Torch: Make a gift to the Rev. Dr. Bill Cate Fund for Emerging Justice Leaders

Your gift to this fund will train and support the next generation of ecumenical justice workers.

Churches in our region carry on the work that Bill inspired: Hosting tent encampments, calling for livable wages, seeking interfaith dialogue, working for racial justice, and more.  The Church Council of Greater Seattle remains at the front of the region’s engaged faith: connecting diverse communities with opportunities to serve. The Church Council regularly brings in young adults who hunger and thirst for justice to join the work. These emerging justice-makers learn to organize, frame campaigns, and deepen their own spirituality. They head out, ready for a lifetime of making a difference, just like so many activists who launched their organizing work under Bill Cate’s guidance.

Jesus’ path to justice, rooted in faith, is needed now more than ever. Supporting emerging justice leaders, in the legacy of Bill Cate, is needed now more than ever.

Pass the justice torch: Support young justice-makers! For more information about making a contribution to the Cate Fund visit the “Support Our Work” page.

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