From our friends  at the Seattle-King County Coalition on Homelessness:

Take action today!
Urge your lawmakers to vote YES on good bills
(prevent evictions, protect tenants, access rent assistance) and to oppose bad ones
(create barriers to shelter, require police in shelter)

At Week 4 of the state legislative session, we’re fast approaching the February 15 deadline for lawmakers to vote on proposals and pass them out of committees. Use your voice at this crucial time to help your lawmakers identify which proposals offer feasible policy solutions to homelessness, and should keep moving through the legislative process — and which proposals should be stopped in their tracks.

Please take action today! With ONE simple email, you can urge your lawmakers to vote YES on SB 5160/Kuderer and HB 1236/Macri, two good bills that will protect tenants, help them and landlords access rental assistance to address the backlog of unpaid rent due to the economic crisis, and prevent a wave of evictions that could lead to drastic increases in homelessness. AND, if your Senator sits on the Senate Housing & Local Government Committee, you can urge them to vote NO on SB 5107, a terrible proposal that would create significant barriers to shelter, and that runs counter to decades of health research and best practices. This bill would also require communities to put police at shelters. NO WAY.

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