Amplifying a message on behalf of Jorge Rafael Zaldivar Mendieta and his family, via the American Friends Service Committee:

Keep this Colorado father with his family

Jorge Rafael Zaldivar Mendieta has been married to his U.S. citizen wife, Christina, for the past 13 years. Together, they have five children.

Right now, Jorge is in detention, facing potential deportation and separation from his family because of a mistake by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that has plagued his family for more than a decade.

Without Jorge and all of the support he provides, Christina will be placed in a situation that will prove to be a tremendous hardship—mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. Their son Dyego has been diagnosed with disabling conditions that are being treated in the U.S., and Jorge’s support is central to his care.

Colorado community members are standing with Jorge and his family to keep him home where he belongs. Please join us.



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