Dear Church Council community –


This summer, after 5 years of our shared work ‘grounded in faith, working for justice’, I am moving on from my role as Lead Organizer with the Church Council.


In mid June, I am beginning a new phase of my vocation to accompany leaders, through shared practice, to join in the work of shalom as a staff member with the SW Washington Synod of the ELCA in my home city of Tacoma.


Our shared work these last 5 years has taught me a huge amount about what it looks, feels and sounds like to work for shalom in our communities. Together we have moved resources and passed policies that make a concrete difference in the lives of our neighbors. But perhaps more importantly, we have pursued a vision of a renewed community by striving to embody and practice renewed community.


As leaders of faith, we are not solely policy advocates. We are humans in relationships of love and mutuality with our neighbors. Those relationships are the ground of transformational work for justice.


When I was first trained as an organizer, I was taught: ’the first revolution is internal.’ I have found this to be true for me, for our organization and for the churches and leaders I’ve walked with. As we commit to the dismantling of white supremacy systems and all systems of oppression, may we work for change ‘out there’ and may we always continue to change ‘in here’.


I am very excited about the trajectory of the Church Council: the organization is living into a renewed way of being that I believe continuities to be a vital part of the ecosystem of this region. There are truly talented, committed, accountable leaders in the staff, board and community leadership spaces, and I’m eager to find ways to collaborate from my new role.





Joey’s last day at the Church Council of Greater Seattle was June 4, 2021. You are welcome to wish Joey well by emailing us at – we’ll pass your messages along.

Photos: (top) Joey facilitates a community event, (middle) Weaving Our Strengths 2017 by Ion Garescu, (bottom) Weaving Our Strengths 2018 by Ion Gardescu



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