“The Church Council opened our eyes to what was really happening in our community. We were already thinking ‘How can we be involved more? How can we use the resources that we have to stand with those who are vulnerable?’ Because of The Church Council, we had meetings where we were able to hear the real needs of our community. Our mission is to be a neighbor among neighbors; the Church Council helped us become more effective in that.” 

Associate Pastor Sam Nick Sseba
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in SeaTac, WA

Pastor Sseba’s congregation in SeaTac is at a local crossroads of challenge and opportunity. Thanks to you, a Church Council organizer began meeting with Prince of Peace and other congregations in their part of South King County, listening together for needs and opportunities to make a real difference. This local cluster of churches now brims with ideas & plans for what they can do together in their local governments, neighborhoods, and churches. They are making concrete plans and impacts in the areas where it matters most in their community right now: homelessness, affordable housing, and immigrant and refugee support.

The Church Council of Greater Seattle asks your support to continue building this fire of justice for all our neighbors.

But there’s more: our sitting together means that Prince of Peace has connections to call on when uncertainty arrives. An organizer from the Church Council was on hand when an important piece of mail recently arrived at Prince of Peace. A letter from the city that warned of an impending zoning change.

“There was a grand plan to change the zoning of where we are; we realized how impactful that was going to be to our future plans, current plans, and existence as a church. The Church Council helped us to connect with the people we needed to talk to at the City of SeaTac Pastor Sseba said. “We went to the city and they’ve come around to recommend a zoning that will leave us in a place where we can continue serving the needs of those around us.”

Because of the Church Council, Prince of Peace Lutheran can continue to be the neighbor their community needs and use their land resources to best serve their mission, and walk with their most vulnerable neighbors.

The question Pastor Sseba asks is one that resonates through our homes and congregations:

“How can we use the resources that we have to stand with those who are vulnerable?”

Did you know that 98% of the Church Council’s budget comes from contributions?

Right now, $25,000 is needed to keep this fire burning strong through the year’s end and $10,000 is already committed.

This is no time to slow our efforts together. Join with your neighbors in tending this fire – you are needed.

We all have the capacity and the audacity to join in this great work. Thank you for all the ways you keep faith and justice alive in your neighborhood. We hope you will join with us once again.

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